BADGEGuys is a Dallas, Texas based global registration services provider with more than 55 years of experience.

BADGEGuys formerly known as Registration and Housing Services, Inc. (RHS) was formed in 1990 by Tom Dehn and Mike Perkovich. Both, Tom and Mike are former employees of Brede Registration Systems and were responsible for writing and designing the software and systems used by Brede to service their top 200 tradeshow accounts.

Over the past twenty years, BADGEGuys has defined and re-defined their registration services and has kept pace with the ever changing technology. In 1999 BADGEGuys began offering online registration that enabled customers real time access to registration data. In 2002 BADGEGuys expanded it's operations to include a regional office in Atlanta, Georgia.

BAGEGuys has evolved from it's inception in 1990 into one of the leading registration companies in the country. We feel that our success is due in part to offering our customers and their clients service and solutions that are second to none.