At BADGEGuys we believe that online registration has become one of the most dynamic aspects of the registration process. It not only gives the registrant a convenient way to register, but it also gives the event staff real time access to vital registration information and statistics.

During the design process, we take into account all printed and web-based materials and design each online form to follow these existing parameters. This lessens the confusion most online registrants feel when filling out online forms. It also creates more comfort for the registrant, and reduces the quantity of questions that the event staff may need to respond to.

BADGEGuys can create online applications that will verify membership automatically, limit session capacities, as well as, control exhibitor badge allotments based on booth size.

Realizing that our customers may need make modifications or updates we offer 24/7 updating of your online registration forms.

Another vital service that
BADGEGuys offers is the ability to continue online registration throughout the onsite registration process. This gives registrants the ability to register for the event 24 hours a day from any computer that has internet access.