BADGEGuys offers the ExpoTool lead retrieval system. The ExpoTool scans our two dimensional barcode call PDF417. Encoded in this barcode is all the attendee lead information that is collected during the registration process.

The ExpoTool is a battery powered 2D barcode scanner that is small yet powerfull. All you need to do is scan the prospects badge and the data is stored on an SD Flash card that comes with the unit. At the end of the event, the prospect information stored in the unit will be downloaded by our staff and emailed as an excel spreadsheet or delimited text file to you instantly.

Action codes, or qualifiers can added to the propect's record after scanning the badge, or if you wish, you can locate the prospects record and add the qualifiers later. To view our standard action codes, please click here. You may also order your own custom action codes that may relate more directly to your products or services.

For those of you who would like to print the prospect's information, the unit can be rented with an optional battery powered bluetooth printer. If you require more than one ExpoTool and would like the printer option, there is no need to order more than one printer, as multiple ExpoTools can send to only one printer.

To see a larger image of the ExpoTool, just click on the following image.

ExpoTool shown with optional bluetooth printer

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