BADGEGuys realizes that the pre-registration process is a continuing evolution of defining and redefining procedures. Whether your staff has experience with the event or not, BADGEGuys can help make this evolution painless.

BADGEGuys gives your staff complete access to all registration information through the internet. Our customers are given access to internal registration forms which when specified, gives the customer complete control over pricing and the ability to override the defaults setup on the public online form. We also give your staff access to real time reporting and the ability to download the registration data to an excel spreadsheet.

Our payment processing gives your accounting department full financial reporting, which most importantly gives them cost of goods sold and the ability to easily reconcile bank statements.

BADGEGuys can, of course, provide pre-registration processing by receiving and entering registrations via the internet, fax, mail or by phone. We can also provide complete registration management for those of you who are short staffed or are to busy to deal with the registration process.